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With over 25 years of R&D work in the Midwest, the NorthQuad team can assist your organization in designing and building a world class R&D team that delivers high impact cloud-based products


While building your world class R&D team, NorthQuad can provide expert staffing for both senior product roles and staff level software engineers. Whether for one project or a timed engagement, our simple model makes filling immediate needs a breeze.


From cost optimization in the cloud to security, modular design, and infrastructure strategies, we'll ensure your cloud architecture is built to perform and scale with your business. We are experts at building on the latest AWS cloud capabilities.



Rob and John's years of working together shows–they lead the Lumavate R&D team in tandem with passion and grit, and each played active leadership roles while Lumavate sought product/market fit, and built its architecture and deployment strategies.

Mark Hill, CEO of Lumavate


In having worked with Rob and John launching various software products over the past 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand the power behind their combined strengths. Rob’s product vision and John’s depth of development knowledge–and their combined variety of experience–make them a truly dynamic team when it comes to creating effective R&D organizations.

Bill Godfrey, Co-founder of Aprimo


In the beginning, NorthQuad was our R&D organization when building and deploying our Customer Success platform at Bolstra. I worked closely with them and saw firsthand the insight and effort they put into building a product strategy that aligned with our business goals. They are an exceptional team.

Steve Ehrlich, Former COO of Bolstra

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