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NorthQuad is an R&D accelerator that helps Indianapolis-based SaaS companies build products and teams they can count on.

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The NorthQuad Process


You bring an idea to the table, and the NorthQuad team will help create an R&D strategy that will help make your software dreams a reality


With your strategy in mind, the NorthQuad team will help you build your product, architecture, deployment strategy, and R&D team


NorthQuad will oversee and counsel your R&D team through your software's first release


Exit with a strategy and R&D team you can confidently grow and build the next generation of your product with



Rob and John's years of working together shows–they lead the Lumavate R&D team in tandem with passion and grit, and each played active leadership roles while Lumavate sought product/market fit, and built its architecture and deployment strategies.

Mark Hill, CEO of Lumavate


In having worked with Rob and John launching various software products over the past 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand the power behind their combined strengths. Rob’s product vision and John’s depth of development knowledge–and their combined variety of experience–make them a truly dynamic team when it comes to creating effective R&D organizations.

Bill Godfrey, Co-founder of Aprimo


NorthQuad was a crucial part of our R&D organization when building and deploying our product at Bolstra. I worked closely with them and saw firsthand the thought and effort they put into building a product strategy that will align with our business goals.

Steve Ehrlich, Former COO of Bolstra

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