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An experience tailored to your organization

Building a world class R&D organization and delivering great cloud software products takes the right mix of talent, process, and strategy. We know that a one-size-fits-all project approach won't work. NorthQuad works with your team to take stock of your organization's needs and help you gather the resources necessary to set you up for R&D excellence.

R&D Assessment

  • A complete people, process, and technology assessment to help guide future R&D investments

  • R&D assessments can be tailored to your specific discovery needs

Product Management

  • Assistance mentoring and building a world class product management team

  • Specific projects needing additional product management resources

  • Assess your overall product market fit and creating an action plan to get the product headed in the right direction.


  • CTO level work to provide senior level technical direction when needed

  • Specific cloud-based, project technical design

  • Full infrastructure review to assess fault tolerance, security, and scalability of your current products

Software Engineering

  • Software engineering services to either augment current staff or deliver the entire project

  • All engineers are highly experienced in cloud based development