NorthQuad's Six Month Sprint Process

NorthQuad's "Six Month Sprint" process is a total R&D package, taking your idea and ensuring that you have the team, infrastructure, and strategy to make it a success. While we know every client's needs will vary and we like to customize processes and timelines based on those needs, here's a typical outline of what our Six Month Sprint looks like:

Month 1

Building a world class R&D organization takes the right strategy, and we know that a one-size-fits-all strategy won't work. NorthQuad works with your team to take stock of your organization's needs and help you gather the resources necessary to set you up for R&D excellence.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Product Review
  • Project Planning and Phase Outline
  • Overall Architecture Review & Design:
  • Platform/cloud selections, coding framework sections, core object designs
  • Source code management
  • Build and deployment process
  • Security design and approach
  • Third Party Component Review and Selections
  • Infrastructure Provisioning:
  • Dev and staging

Months 2–5

Build your team and product alongside each other, ensuring that you've got the talent and education needed to create an R&D team that will take your idea to successful implementation.

  • Ongoing Component and Technical Design
  • Ongoing Product Review and Adjustments
  • Team Skills Assessment and Education/Training
  • Team Recruiting and Buildout (as needed)
  • Current Sprint Execution:
  • Project assignments
  • Project management
  • Code reviews

Month 6

It's time to relish in your work, and start planning for the future. NorthQuad will help you launch the first release of your product, and will counsel you on how to continue to build and manage your world-class R&D team.

  • Final Spring Execution
  • Final Project Review
  • Production Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Hand-off and Final Team Training
  • Production "Go Live" Management

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