The NorthQuad Team

NorthQuad is a group of dedicated and experienced R&D strategists and engineers. With over 30 years of experience in R&D, the NorthQuad team has built numerous products, launched brands, and come up with business strategies for customers ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprise organizations. Our team of R&D experts is ready to work closely with you to help deliver a single project or help you build a world class R&D organization capable of delivering many projects for years to come.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

When you work with us, not only are you working with our leadership team, but you're also working with our talented team of software engineers and our extensive network of specialized contractors, freelancers, and advisors.

Rob McLaughlin

President (VP, Product)

A 7-time entrepreneur, Rob knows every facet of building both products and companies. After co-founding Aprimo (acquired by Teradata in 2011), Rob and his wife Colleen created NorthQuad in 2016, and have provided technical consulting and engineering services to dozens of SaaS organizations since. Rob is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame, and recently founded SaaS Proforma out of NorthQuad.

John Lawrence

Senior Tech Lead (CTO)

John has been instrumental in the development and build-out of numerous R&D teams and has successfully delivered world class products across a variety of markets. His 30 years of SaaS experience and vast knowledge of development methodologies and experience in various deployment strategies give him the unique ability to identify the perfect solutions for each client’s specific needs.

Matt Kelsey

Senior Tech Lead (CTO)

Matt is a technology enthusiast with a keen ability to utilize a wide range of technologies to solve business problems.
He has spent his career in various Software Engineering roles including Architecture, Lead Development and Management capacities.
He has production experience in a wide variety of languages, extensive database experience, and has worked with all the key cloud providers.

Colleen McLaughlin

Operations Manager

Colleen has ran the back office for a variety of companies over the past 15 years. She is the contact for all things billing, payables, time tracking, and contracts. She basically keeps everything running smoothly across the office and keeps the rest of the team focused on delivering world class software projects.

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