The NorthQuad Team

In the past decades of Indianapolis’ tech boom, Rob McLaughlin and John Lawrence have been at the epicenter.

Rob and John began their technical careers at Software Artistry, the first publicly traded software company in Indiana, in the early 90’s–Rob as a product manager and John as a software engineer. Rob went on to co-found Aprimo where John became a director of development.  After Aprimo was acquired, Rob, with his wife, Colleen, co-founded NorthQuad and John became NorthQuad’s CTO.  As NorthQuad, Rob and John assisted in the launch of Lumavate, Bolstra, and also launched their own offering, SaaS Proforma.  Over multiple decades, both Rob and John have been instrumental in the development and build-out of numerous R&D teams and have successfully delivered world class products across a variety of markets.

Rob and John have the unique advantage of time on their side–with decades of experience working together, they bring a depth to every team they work with. Not only that, but their skills complement each other and come together to form a truly robust skillset for software business consulting; Rob’s entrepreneurial experience and vision enable him to present a perfect bridge between business and technical goals, and John’s vast knowledge of development methodologies and experience in various deployment strategies give him the unique ability to identify the perfect solutions for each client’s specific needs.

With 30 years of experience in Indianapolis, Rob and John have built up a network and deep understanding of the community, and look forward to using their experience to help others build world class R&D organizations.

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